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Article Import generates “The .properties file is missing” error

Knowledge Article Number 000228216
Description To import new articles into Salesforce, end user followed steps outlined in documentation.  After creating ZIP file and importing with the following steps:

1. From Setup, click Data Management | Import Articles.
2. Select the appropriate Article Type for the imported articles.
3. Click Browse to select the .zip file, and click OK.

The end user sees the following error message: “The .properties file is missing”.

Resolution When creating a .zip file, the zip file will contain the following (HTML folder / Image folder may or may not exist):

The .csv file.
The folder containing the .html files to import.
The folder containing the image files referenced in the .html files.
The .properties file.

To properly zip the files/folders, highlight the files/folders and right mouse click and compress file. DO NOT put all 4 files in a folder and zip the entire folder. If the zip is not done properly, you end up with “The .properties file is missing”.

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