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Find Matching Records for Nicknames and Expanded Forms of Search Terms

Knowledge Article Number 000228256
Description New in Winter' 16, Search Faster by Removing Some Custom Objects from the Search Index

Get more relevant search results with less guessing! Search automatically returns results for expanded forms of search terms, such as running and ran for run, and for associated nicknames.This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

A process called lemmatization reduces a word to its root form and then returns matches for the expanded forms.

For example, search for run and see results with run, running, and ran. In addition, because the behavior applies to only the type of word for which you’re searching, unwanted results aren’t returned.
Resolution Originally available in Knowledge for Articles only, lemmatization is supported for these objects for specific languages.

• Article
• Case
• Chatter Feed
• Chatter Group
• File
• Idea
• Question
• Solution

Can’t remember if someone goes by Mike or Michael? You can look for a name and the returned results include matches for associated nicknames. Nickname search is available for the English language only in the Account, Contact, Lead, and User objects.

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