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Lightning Experience Search - Get Enhanced Instant Results

Knowledge Article Number 000228258
Description New in Winter '16,Instant results are auto-suggested records displayed after you select the search box or start typing. The records are chosen based on various factors, including record activity, search terms, and which object is searched.

Instant results now return results for stopwords,such as how and to, so names spelled the same as stopwords aren’t removed from results. And, as you type in search terms, the results are expanded to include records that match the search terms entered, even if they aren’t in the same order as you entered. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
Resolution When you click into the search bar, a list of your recent records across all objects appears. If you’re on a searchable (or indexed) object,an extra list of recent records scoped by object appear—before you even start typing!

After you start entering search terms, a list of suggested records that matches your search term appears. If you don’t see the record you’re looking for, perform a full search.

Instant results now include stopwords, such as how and to, for some objects. By including stopwords in the results, names that are spelled the same as stopwords won’t be removed from results.

You don’t need to know the exact order of search terms to see relevant suggested results. Instant results return matches on the individual search terms, not just the records with the exact order of search terms entered. For example, you search for headquarters salesforce san francisco and the record with salesforce headquarters is located in san francisco appears.

Instant results appear when you’re looking for records within indexed objects, including Files and Chatter Question objects.

Instant results are also available in the lookup dialog search, where you associate one record to another.

Administrators change the secondary field that appears under the primary record name field displayed in instant results for global search and lookup dialog search. For example, the billing city would display as the secondary field for account record names. The secondary field is automatically populated using the second usable field as defined in Search Layouts. Examples of unusable fields are HTML-formatted fields, inline image fields, or long-text fields.

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