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Article URLs for Communities in the Salesforce Console Case Feed

Knowledge Article Number 000228288
In the Cases tab or the Service Console, agents can insert Community URLs for articles into the case feed. Customer service agents can easily provide their customers a link directly to articles in their Community.
In Knowledge Settings (from Setup go to Customize | Knowledge | Knowledge Settings | Edit), identify which sites and Communities should be available in the Share Article Actions in Knowledge Articles.

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Map a Communication Channel Mapping for each article type you want to have available for Community links and identify which channel and fields you want to use.

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When you attach an article URL the community action, users are directed to view the article in the appropriate community. The article must be assigned to a community or public knowledge base channel for the option to be available. The agent must select the right Community URL for the article they are selecting and audience they are communicating with. The agent can select an article from the article widget or the knowledge sidebar. Email is the default action but agents can change to the Social or Community actions before they send the URL.

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