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See User Knowledge on Profile Pages with the Napili Template

Knowledge Article Number 000228294
Description On user profile pages, show the top topics people know about so the community can quickly see areas of expertise. Topic knowledge is calculated based on factors such as best answers, mentions, or likes on questions and posts.

In the Page Editor, you can configure this component on User Profile pages.

1.  Do one of the following:
  • To display the Knowledgeable About list within the User Profile Body component, select that component.
  • To display the list elsewhere on the profile page, drag the User Profile Knowledgeable About component to the desired location.

2.  In the Property Editor, configure properties for the component:

User IDThe default entry, {!recordId}, displays unique topics for each user. To instead display topics based on a specific user, enter their ID.
TitleEnter a title for the component. The default text is Knowledgeable About.
Maximum Topics DisplayedEnter the maximum number of topics listed for each user, up to a limit of 10.


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For more details, see the Community Templates for Self-Service Implementation Guide.

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