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Mass Adding Accounts to a Territory using Territory Assignment Rule via Dataloader

Knowledge Article Number 000228299
Description Is there anyway to mass add accounts to a specific territory other than doing it manually one by one?
Resolution 1. Create Custom Fields with data type “Number” Example. field name = "SFDC TEST".
2. Using  Data Loader we have to update "SFDC_TEST__c" field with value 1  for the list of accounts that we need to add to a specific territory
3. Once done we have to set up Territory Assignment Rules rule.

Steps to navigate to territory models:

Setup | Manage Territories | Territory Models.
Click on Territory Name.
In Territory assignment rule click on New.

                                      a)  Enter the name of the rule.
                                      b)  Enter the selection criteria for this rule

Now you need to select "SFDC TEST" Equals 1 activate the rule and click save button

4. Under “Assignment Rules Assigned to This Territory” section
5. Click on Run Rules
6. This will automatically add all the accounts to a specific territory

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