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See More Relevant Information in Your Chatter Feed

Knowledge Article Number 000228319
Description We changed the way Chatter selects posts for your news feed (What I Follow). Previously, if you followed a person in Chatter, everything that other people posted to that person’s profile showed up in your news feed. With the new follow feature, you no longer see updates from people you don’t follow. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.  The new follow model makes your Chatter news feed more relevant, because it shows you the updates from the people you actually follow. You also see updates from groups you belong to and records you follow. We didn’t change the way the follow feature works on groups and records.  Here are some tips that help you get the most out of the new follow feature. 

Review your Following list on your profile page. Follow the people that are relevant to your work and from whom you want to see updates.

When you post an update on a coworker’s profile, remember that only that coworker, the people who follow you, and people you @mention see your post. If you want to reach a broader audience, post to a group that has the type of members you want to reach.

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