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Increase limit for maximum items you can follow in Chatter

Knowledge Article Number 000228336

By default, an individual user can follow or subscribe to a maximum of 500 records and users in Chatter. This limit can be increased as high as 2,000 by making a request with Salesforce Customer Support.



1. Verify that your organization is on one of the following editions: Developer, Enterprise, Group, Performance, Professional, or Unlimited.

2. Have a System Administrator to log a case with Salesforce Support.

3. On the case General Application Area, enter "Feature Activation."

4. In the case description, include the following items:

  • Feature requested: "Maximum number of entities that a user can subscribe to"
  • Organization ID where you want the limit to be increased (Navigate to Setup | Company Profile | Company Information):
  • Verify that you are the System Administrator in charge of this feature.
  • What is your current limit?
  • What is your requested limit?

Our Support Team will review the case and action the request as needed.

Note: As best practice, implement an unfollow process to prevent users from exceeding your new limit.


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