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How Do I Have a Sandbox Auto-Activate?

Knowledge Article Number 000228355
Description Is it possible to Auto-Activate Sandbox?
Resolution You can automatically activate a refreshed sandbox, skipping the activation alert email and the manual activation step.

When you refresh a sandbox, click Auto Activate under Sandbox Options. When the sandbox copy completes, an activation alert email will not be sent, and you will not have to click on the Activate link in Setup. The sandbox copy will go through the activation step on its own following copy completion.

Note: The sandbox copy present at the time of the refresh will be removed as part of the activation. Be sure you and your teams no longer need the current sandbox before selecting this option on refresh. You may notice that under the 'Sandbox History' tab, that the 'Finished' and 'Activated' columns are left blank, if a sandbox is auto-activated.

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