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Description How do I report on ad hoc feedback?
Resolution To report on who is offering or requesting feedback you'll need to create a custom report type and report.  To do that you can follow these steps:

1. Login as a System Admin and go to Setup

2. Select Create | Report Types

3. Click on New Custom Report Type

4. Enter the following for step one then click Next
  • Primary Object: Feedback Requests
  • Report Type Label: Ad Hoc Feedback
  • Report Type Name: Ad_Hoc_Feedback
  • Description: Report type used to report on ad hoc feedback.
  • Store in Category: Other Reports
  • Deployment Status: Deployed
5. Click on (Click to relate another object)

6. Select Feedback from the picklist and select "A" records may or may not have related "B" records

7. Hit Save

8. Go to the Reports tab

9. Click New Report...

10. In the Quick Find search box enter Ad Hoc Feedback then select it from the list below

11. Click Create

12. In the Quick Find search box enter Feedback Type then double-click the field from the list below

13. Drag-and-drop any other fields of interest from the Fields list into the preview table to the right

14. Click Save

15. Enter a Name and Description then click Save and Run Report

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