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Restrict Users from Selecting Files from Salesforce in Chatter feeds

Knowledge Article Number 000228370
When Users attach a file in a Chatter feed post or comment, by default Users can choose whether to upload a file or select a file from Salesforce. You can disable this User permission in User profiles, or apply it in Permission Sets. Users who have this permission disabled can still attach files by uploading them, but won’t be able to select files from Salesforce to attach.


To disable the permission in user profiles


1. Go to User Profiles in Setup.
2. Select the profile name.
3. In the "Administrative Permissions" section, disable Select Files from Salesforce.


To enable the permission in a permission set


1. Go to Setup | Administration | Users | Permission Sets.
2. Select a Permission Set or create a new one.
3. In the "System Permissions" section, click Edit.
4. Enable Select Files from Salesforce.

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