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How do I track changes on Content Version fields?

Knowledge Article Number 000228375
Description Now you can track changes to Content Version fields, just as you can do for fields on other standard objects. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
You can enable or disable tracking for each field on Content Version. For some tracked fields, both old and new values are recorded:
  •     External Data Source
  •     Language
  •     Owner
  •     Freeze Sharing
  •     Major Version
  •     Title
For other tracked fields, only the new values are recorded:
  •     Content URL
  •     External Document Info1
  •     Reason for Change
  •     Description
  •     External Document Info2
Resolution To set history tracking for Content Version, from Setup, enter Object Manager in the Quick Find box, then select Content Version. In the Fields & Relationships section, click Set History Tracking. Enable the fields you want to track, and save.

As of Winter 16 release, there is no out of the box related list to see history in UI (both Classic and Lightning Experience).  However, customers can query object ContentVersionHistory via API. 

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