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Display Similar Questions and Articles in Chatter Questions (Generally Available)

Knowledge Article Number 000228377
Description It’s now easier to reduce duplicate content in your organization or community. When a Salesforce  or community user enters a question in Chatter, they now see similar questions—and if desired, relevant Knowledge Articles—in a drop-down list as they type. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic only.

The Similar Questions and Similar Articles search features are available in internal Salesforce organizations, communities built using Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce, and communities built on the Napili template. To learn how they work in Napili communities, see Display Similar Questions and Articles in Napili Search (Generally Available).
Similar Questions and Similar Articles aren’t available in Salesforce1 or mobile browsers.
Similar Articles was previously available in Beta, but was referred to as Knowledge Deflection.  When a user enters a question in Chatter using the Question action, similar questions now automatically appear in a drop-down list below the question title field.

You can enable Similar Articles to display relevant Knowledge articles along with similar questions:

1. From Setup, enter Knowledge Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Settings.
2. Under Chatter Questions Settings, select Display relevant articles as users ask questions in Chatter (also applies to communities with Chatter).

Drop-down search results of similar questions and articles:

1: Book and question mark icons indicate whether a search result is an article or a question.
2: Question results show the question title, the number of answers, and a green flag with the text Answered if a best answer was selected.  Users see up to 10 results in the drop-down list, with questions appearing before articles. Salesforce displays an equal number of questions and articles, but if there aren’t enough of one result type, extra results of the other type are displayed. If no question or article title matches the text entered by the user, the drop-down list doesn’t appear.  The drop-down results are based on whether the question or article title contains the text entered by the user. The search accounts for partially matching terms and non-adjacent terms; for example, the results for “best backpack” could include a question titled “Which backpack is best for day hikes?”, and the results for “backpack” could include an article titled “Backpacking Tips.”  If the user wants to conduct a more in-depth search that also scans question descriptions and article text, they can press TAB or click out of the title field. This displays a separate drop-down list of results below the question publisher. 

Advanced drop-down search results of similar questions and articles:

If none of the results answer the user’s question, they can post their question by clicking Ask.

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