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Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Roll-up Summary field Issues

Knowledge Article Number 000228400
Description This article explains why rollup summary fields may not be functioning properly in NPSP.

Resolution How to resolve Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Roll-up Summary field Issues

Below are the steps you will need to follow in order to help resolve any Rollup Summary field issues

1.) Check which version of NPSP you have installed. You can do this by clicking here.
Rollups are only available in versions 2.x and above for both Contacts and Accounts. See this video for information about checking your installed NPSP package version.

2.) Check your Validation Rules. Have you added custom validation or required fields to your Contact or Account records? Edit a Contact and try to save it. Are you able to save or does the operation fail? When rollups are updated, validation rules run on your Contacts and Accounts. If any Contacts or Accounts fail the validation checks, the associated rollups will not be updated.

3.) Check your Opportunity Stage. Opportunity must be set to a stage that is of the Closed/Won Type. Not all NPSP orgs use the Posted stage.

4.) Check your "Excluded Record Types". Are you excluding any record types from rollups? You can check this by going to NPSP Settings | Donations | Donor Statistics and looking at the Opportunity Rollups Record Types section.

5.) Check Contact Roles. Does your Opportunity have an Opportunity Contact Role? If not, you may need to turn these on. Go to NPSP Settings | Donations | Contact Roles and check the “Always Roll Up to Primary Contact Role” option. The key is that the Contact Role must be checked as the ‘Primary.’

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If you try the above and it does now work, please feel free to create a case with Salesforce Support.


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