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Donation information disappears in the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) nightly

Knowledge Article Number 000228419

Why may donation information entered in Salesforce using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) disappear?

Resolution It depends where you are entering the donation information. You need to enter donation history as separate Opportunity records. You should not enter data directly into the fields on aContact or Account that begins with “Best,” “First,” “Last,” “Number,” “Soft Credit” or “Total.” Those fields are calculated automatically nightly and if you don’t have opportunity records for the automation to pull from, the fields will be reset to 0 and your entered data will be lost.

Review the Workbook here that walks through how Contact, Account and Opportunity records are related and updated: source/Nonprofit-Starter-Pack-Workbook

Further information on how these ‘rollup’ fields work can be found here:


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