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Why don't I see all contacts associated to an Account when I search for Account Name?

Knowledge Article Number 000228429
Description Some customers may have observed that when they run Global Search for the Account Name intending to find The Account as well as its associated Contact records, the search returns only the matching Account Record and NO contact records.

For Example:

Let us consider we have an Account Record called Acme , this Account record has 3 contacts associated to it, namely Kevin, Jack & Viz , when a user searches for the term Acme , they observe that none of the 3 contact record are returned despite the Term Acme being present on all 3 contact records.
Resolution This is working as designed since Encrypted, formula, and lookup fields aren’t searchable, you can find more documentation around Searchable fields here.  End users may find that some contacts do appear in Global Search results; however, Global Search is finding those account name in documented searchable field.  For example, if Contact record had description field with the text "Acme", Global Search would record Contact record.

You can workaround by creating a custom field, workflow rule and a workflow action,here are the steps you would need to take:

Step 1 : Create a Custom Field

1. Create a custom field of data type "Text" by going to Setup | Customize | Contacts | Fields | New.
2. Choose an appropriate Field Label, Length and Description (optional) > Next
3. Check the Visible check box twice ( this would make the field hidden) > Next
4. Uncheck "Add Field" in Step 4. Add to page layouts. > Save

Step 2 : Create a Workflow Rule

1. Create a workflow rule by navigating to Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules.
2. Click on New Rule | Select Contact from the Object drop down > Next.
3. Give an appropriate Rule Name & Description (optional).
4. Select "created, and every time it’s edited" under Evaluation Criteria
5. Under Rule Criteria , select Run this rule if the following "Formula evaluates to true"
6 .Enter 1<>0 in the formula editor >Save & Next

Step 3 : Create a Workflow Action

1. Under Immediate Workflow Actions , Click on "Add Workflow Action" | Select "New Field Update"
2. Give an Appropriate Name , Unique Name & Description (optional)
3. Select the custom field you created in step 1 - 4 > Next
4. Under Specify New Field Value, select "Use a formula to set the new value"
5. Click Show Formula Editor | Insert Field | Contact > Account > Account Name OR simply  Account.Name > Save.
6. Done > Activate

Now simply go to a contact record that wasn't part of your search result and simple Edit>Save [No need to make any changes on the record, this step is done to fire the WF action & reindex the record]

Note that the contact record now comes up in the search result.

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