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'No operation available for request {}' error when sending SOAP request

Knowledge Article Number 000228430
When I send a SOAP request from a third party application into salesforce, I receive the following error message

No operation available for request {}
This can occur when you are sending the request to the wrong endpoint. For example, depending on which WSDL you are using, the endpoint will be different, as follows

Partner WSDL: /services/Soap/u/34.0 
Enterprise WSDL: /services/Soap/c/34.0

Notice how the Partner WSDL has a 'u' in the path whereas the Enterprise WSDL has a 'c'. If you log in using the Enterprise WSDL and then use the Partner WSDL endpoint to make API calls, you will see this error. Make sure your API calls are sent to the correct endpoint, based on what WSDL you've chosen to use. 

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