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Setting up Quick Text to support multiple languages

Knowledge Article Number 000228498
Description The below steps will expand Quick Text functionality to support multiple languages.
Resolution 1. Set Quick Text's Organization-Wide Default sharing setting to Private 

Click Setup | Security Controls | Sharing Settings 

Click Edit and set Quick Text object to Private and save. 

2. Create a custom language picklist field. 

Click Setup | Customize | Cases | Quick Text | Fields | Click New 

Select Picklist for the field type, click Next 

Name the picklist field and enter in all of the languages you utilize and proceed with the standard process of assigning page layouts and profiles that will have access to this new picklist field. 

Place the picklist field on any Quick Text page layouts. 

3. Add Owner field to quick text 

***Note: Since we cannot utilize Criteria Based Sharing rules for Quick Text, we will have to add the Owner field on the Quick Text Page Layouts so we can assign owners of these Quick Text records 

4. Create sharing rules (can't be criteria based, has to be owner based) 

Specific language Quick Text records will have to be assigned to a specific user. You will then create a sharing rule where any Quick Text records owned by this user's Role or Public Group they are assigned to, then share those Quick Text records with any users in other Roles or Public Groups. 

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