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How can I fix the "Your account has been disabled" error message that I receive when trying to change the Company Information page?

Knowledge Article Number 000228542
Description I want to change the Primary Contact of my Organization via Setup | Company Profile | Company Information. However, I'm getting the following error message: 

Your account has been disabled 
Your company administrator has disabled access to the system for you. Please contact your administrator for more information. 

How can I fix it?
Resolution This issue may occur when an Inactive User is still configured as Default User for a certain area of the application.

Please check the following options:

- Default Lead Creator: Setup | Customize | Leads | Lead Settings 
- Default Lead Owner: Setup | Customize | Leads | Web-to-Lead Setup 
- Default Case Owner / Automated Case User: Setup | Customize | Cases | Support Settings

If an Inactive User is part of any of those, please use an Active User instead. This should resolve the issue.

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