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Unable to click "Create Workspace" in Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000228613
On the Social Studio Workspaces screen, the "Create Workspace" button is greyed out and you cannot click it. The error message "Insufficient Permissions: You have not been given permission to perform this task" shows when you hover over the button.
The error message indicates that your User Role has not been allowed access to this functionality. There are two options in this case: 
Own a Workspace - A Super User or Full User in your Organization can create the Workspace for you. When the Workspace is created, the Super User or Full User can choose to give you ownership of the Workspace or give you Workspace Administrator access.

Create a Workspace - If you are assigned a Basic User Role, you cannot create new workspaces.  If you'd like to request the Role change, please contact your System Administrator for your Account. Once your role is updated, you can create Workspaces.

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