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Winter '16: New Note button is missing on the Notes & Attachments related list

Knowledge Article Number 000228993
Description Users may report no longer having the ability to add new notes to records via the Notes & Attachments related list.

Related List with old note taking tool

Resolution If the enhanced note-taking tool, formerly the Notes (Beta) feature, is currently enabled for your org you'll find the "New Note" button has been moved from the standard Notes & Attachments related list to a newly introduced Notes related list with Winter '16. The new Notes specific related list must be applied to page layouts in order for users to continue creating notes with the enhanced note-taking tool.

To see if your organization has the enhanced note-taking tool enabled navigate to Setup, click Customize | Notes | Notes Settings.

See What’s the Difference Between Notes and the Old Note-Taking Tool? for more details on the differences between the two note tools.

If you would like to continue using the enhanced note-taking feature, an administrator will need to first Configure Page Layouts for Notes so that users can view and create Notes via the newly introduced related list after the Winter '16 release:

Enhanced note-taking tool's new related list for Winter '16

It may also be necessary to inform, educate, and instruct users that they will need to use the separate Notes related list moving forward in conjunction with previously created Note records that may still exist in the Notes and Attachments related list for past reference.

Alternatively, an administrator may temporarily resort to using the old note-taking tool until the new functionality can be properly rolled out to their user base via disabling the enhanced tool via Notes Settings.

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