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Lightning Console FAQ

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We are constantly evolving our product to make it easier to use and adopt, and more responsive to customer needs. Based on the feedback of hundreds of thousands of support agents, the new Service Cloud Lightning Console has been reimagined with a modern, efficient and intelligent experience for agents. And because it’s built on the Salesforce1 Platform, the Lightning Console can be customized to meet the needs of any service department.This is all part of moving towards a vision of the console that is consistent with what our customers are asking for.

Please be aware that all organizations using the Salesforce Console for Sales and Salesforce Console for Service will automatically see the updates to the console once on Winter '16.  This is considered to be a feature enhancement and cannot be turned off.


What is the Service Cloud Lightning Console?

The Service Cloud Lightning Console is an integrated experience to help agents deliver faster, smarter service to customers. It is designed to provide the same look and feel as the rest of the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

What’s new about the Lightning Console?

The new Lightning Console provides new fonts, icons, and enhanced layout to improve agent productivity and ease of use. Users can also now enable additional functionality, such as feed filters and quick actions. You can learn more about these new features in this video:

When will developers be able to customize the Console with Lightning Components and App tools?

Currently, Lightning apps & components cannot be used in customizing the console. This functionality will be available over the next two releases early next year.


What are the benefits of the new Service Cloud Lightning Console?

The new look and feel of the console is designed to make the console experience easier for agents to use. The layout also increases agent productivity by making it easier for them to focus on what’s most important, and the feed-first design brings customer interactions front and center.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost for the new console. Anyone with a Service Cloud license has access.

What types of licenses/editions are required for the new Console?

The new console is available and included in any Service Cloud license.  

Visual Guide to Lightning Changes - Classic vs New Console





Individual Element Comparison

Header Changes:

  1. Head was increased in size (from 39px to 60px) and made more prominent

  2. Search moved from the left to the center of the titlebar

  3. Action for setup, help, apps, and user data access changes from text to icons

You may notice in sandbox orgs that custom header branding does not extend to the top of the browser window. This is working as designed and specific to Sandbox alone.

Tab Changes:

  1. Color is no longer fixed and can be selected by admin

  2. Object icons on tabs changed from Classic to Lightning

Footer Changes

  1. New Font




List View Changes

  1. Updated font, icons and styles

  2. Additional column for bulk macro results (when enabled)

  3. More spacing and padding between rows

List View in Pinned State

  1. Responsive sizing behavior

  2. First column gets its own full row

  3. Subsequent columns aligned in row 2

  4. Text wraps up to 3 lines so user can see full subject

  1. Responsive wrap & alignment of list view buttons

  2. Icon based edit & delete actions in pinned list view mode

  3. Edit & delete buttons available on hover view

Sidebar Component

  1. Updated styles

  2. Lightning Fonts

  3. Shaded Component Headers


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