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Custom Fields - Create, Manage, and delete

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Learn how to customize fields on a page layout to capture all of your business data. You can create new fields, like a picklist to select regions, or hide field data to protect sensitive information. 

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Add users imageStart with the basics - What is a Custom Field?

Create a new Custom Field - Learn how to create a new custom field, like a picklist or formula. 

Customize Fields - Learn how to tailor your fields to your company's unique business requirements. Make a field required or set Field-Level 

You can even customize fields for Ideas - Add new fields to your Additional Information section on the Post Idea and Idea Detail pages.

Encrypt a Field - Learn how to restrict access to a field to keep your sensitive data private. 


Video resources

Custom Fields - PicklistsCustom Fields - New Field
Custom Fields - PicklistsCustom Fields - New

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