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Why some of installed packages have not copied over to the sandbox

Knowledge Article Number 000229340
Description You might find that an installed packages has not copied over to the sandbox that has been refresh.
Resolution The following can cause installed packages to not copy in a recent sandbox refresh:

Make sure that the recent sandbox copy was not discarded by other system administrators as discarding a recent copy preserves the older copy, you need to activate the new copy to make sure that all the packages copy over to the sandbox

2) It is best practice to avoid installing packages or Apps in production when a sandbox copy is processing to help minimize potential point in time copy issues.  If your Installed Packages (Apps) installed date is after or around the same time of the affected sandbox's refresh it's expected that the copy may excluded the App.

If the above two scenarios do not apply it could be due to a point in time copy issue or other unexpected circumstance, please contact Salesforce Support for further investigation.

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