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"Failed to save topic profile" Message in Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000229343
A 'Failed to save topic profile' error message displays while making changes to Topic Profiles in Social Studio.

Anytime you try to save a Topic Profile that uses the same name as another existing Topic Profile in your organization, you'll be prompted with the "Failed to save topic profile" message and your Topic Profile won't be saved.

To avoid the error message and save your Topic Profile, change the name to something unique (not used elsewhere in your organization) and click Save.


Can't find the Topic Profile with the same name?


Depending on your user role and which Topic Profiles are shared with the workspaces you're a member of, you might not see the Topic Profile with the same name in the list of Topic Profiles in Social Studio Admin. For example, Super Users can see all of the Topic Profiles in your organization.

For more information about what information each user role can see, check out our help documentation here.

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