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Can the value from Lead or Contact field be passed to Campaign Member

Knowledge Article Number 000229350
Description There is a common text field on Lead and Contact that needs to be passed over to campaign member. How can this be done?
Resolution To be able to pass value from common field from lead or contact to the related Campaign Member object a formula field needs to be created on the Campaign Member object. Here are the steps:

1. Go to Setup>Customize>Campaigns>Campaign Members>Fields
2. Click on New Custom Field button
3. Select Formula
4. Select the same data type as that in contact/lead
5. Enter the formula:

NOT(ISBLANK(ContactId)), Contact.Commonfield_c, Lead.Commonfield_c

The formula will evaluate if the contact id is populated
If yes it will get the value of the related common field from contact lookup,
If no it will get the value from the lead lookup.
Since Campaign Member can either be a Contact or a Lead.

6. Click on Next, until you get to the Save button.

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