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Is it possible to record the time stamp when a particular field is changed in a record?

Knowledge Article Number 000229627
Description Is there any way to track the last modified time when a particular field in a record changes?

It is possible to track changes to any field using History Tracking. However there is a limit of 20 field per object and hence in some cases this limit might restrict user from tracking more fields. In such cases the following workaround can be applied where a workflow and a field update will be used to track the last modified stamp of a particular field in a record.

Resolution For example there is a field in opportunity object called “Description “ and any changes to this field must capture the Time Stamp
First we have to create a custom field to get the Time stamp recorded.
  1. Create a custom date/Time field on the object (Example here as opportunity object )
  1. Go to the setup
  2. Under Build | Customize | Opportunity | Fields |
  3. Under Opportunity custom fields & Relationships
  4. New | Specify the type of information that the custom field will contain.
  5. Select date/Time
  6. Enter the details | Field label ,Field Name, Description ( if required ) Next
  7. Set the field level security
  8. Add to required page layouts
  9. Save
Refer to the link custom field which has a video in creating custom field to make it easy

 Now create a workflow to get the time stamp
  1. Go to setup
  2. Create | Workflow & approvals
  3. Workflow rules
  4. New rule
  5. Select the object to which this workflow rule applies ( here our example is Opportunity )
  6. Select Opportunity  ,Next
  7. Rule name ,Description (If required )
  8. Select the Evaluation Criteria ( as per the requirement )
  9. Created, And every time its edited ,save and next
  10. ISCHANGED( Description ) Save
  11. immediate workflow actions
  12. Field update
  13. Name ,unique name ,Description
  14. Field to update (Select the field which we created at the start date/time
  15. Under Specify new field value
  16. Date options ( Use the formula given in next step to set the new value)
  17. LastModifiedDate
  18. Save  | Done | Activate
Create Custom Fields
Creating Workflow Rules

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