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SalesforceIQ Troubleshooting Support

Knowledge Article Number 000229656

General Support

Note: This product is ONLY supported by the resources below - Neither Premier or Standard Success Teams have any information to assist with SalesforceIQ issues.

The SalesforceIQ User Success Team is available Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT. There's also emergency coverage for major issues during weekends and holidays.
The best way to reach the team is via email at the following email address:, as we don't provide support via any other channels at this time.

Resolution times depend on the nature of the issue, and may include:


File a Ticket


File a ticket with our team by doing the following:




Tickets we received are prioritized based on the Success plan the customer has purchased, as well as the Severity of the issue.

  • 1.5 Hours
    • Widespread issue that's impacting ALL customers (e.g. System is down), prioritized by plan
    • Regular issue for our highest SLA (Stategic)
  • 2.5 Hours
    • Regular issue for our next highest SLA (Business)
  • 4 Hours
    • Lowest priority issue for highest SLAs (Strategic, Business)
    • Regular/ lowest priority issue for other customers, prioritized by plan
  • < 8 hours
    • Regular/ lowest priority issue for trial/ free customers

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