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Salesforce1 - Convert Leads functionality

Knowledge Article Number 000229659
Description Salesforce1 - Convert Leads functionality

In Salesforce1, users can convert leads similar to the Full Site's functionality.  

It’s easy to make this option available to your sales reps. From Setup in the full Salesforce site, click Customize | Leads |Settings. Then, select the option Enable Conversions on the Salesforce1 App.

***Important Note***

If you still do not see the Convert Lead publisher action in Salesforce1, you will need to edit the Lead Page Layout(s) and override the pre-defined actions and then include the "Convert" publisher action from "Salesforce1 actions. Then save the changes.

To convert qualified leads to contacts and create opportunities using the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, open the lead record and tap the Convert Lead on the Action Bar. 

Prevent Duplicates When Converting Leads

Depending on the duplicate rules you set up for Duplicate Management, sales reps using Salesforce1 can now receive alerts of possible duplicates for accounts and contacts when converting leads. Sales reps can then decide to either save the records that could create duplicates or select other records to avoid duplicates altogether. For more information, see Duplicate Management Overview.

**Note Differences between Salesforce1 and the Full Site**
- Users will convert Leads in Salesforce1 to Contacts and Opportunities.  
- Starting in Summer15, Users do have an option to choose an existing Account or Create a new one.  In order to create a new Account, tap into the Account Lookup on the record and select New in the Top Right. 
​-Users may see the Company name flash in the Account lookup field for a moment when converting the Lead.  This is normal as Salesforce1 is attempting to search for the name of the Account via the lookup, if it doesn't find the record (because it doesn't exist), the field will remain blank. 

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