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What Fields are availabile for the Highlight Panel components

Knowledge Article Number 000229661
Description Why are some of the fields not available for selection in highlights panel component?
Resolution In a non feed based layout, there are 4 components available for the highlights panel and any field type can be selected. However in a feed based layout only 3 components are available.

Given below is a table that lists the field types available for selection in the 3 components
Data Type for Highlights Panel
Left & Right ComponentsMiddle Components
Non Formula Fields:

Auto Number Field
Check Box Field
Currency Field
Date Field
Date/Time Field
Email Field
Geo Location Field
Look up Field
Multi Select Picklist Field
Number Field
Percentage Field
Phone Field
Picklist Field
Percentage Field
Roll up Summary Field
Text Field
Text (Encrypted) Field
URL Field
Non Formula Fields:

Text Field
Look up Field

Formula Fields:

Formula Check Box Field
Formula Currency Field
Formula Date Field
Formula Date/Time Field
Formula Number Field
Formula Percentage Field
Formula Text Field
Formula Fields:

Formula Text Field

If the Picklist field is used in the middle component, then it will display return value as Number and not actual value. To return the right value for this picklist field use Left & Right component.

Note: If a field needs to be added to the highlights panel it must be on the page layout

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