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Marketing Cloud SMS Welcome Emails

Knowledge Article Number 000229735
The traditional Welcome email functionality only works when subscribers are added to a list using Web Collect. In order to send a welcome email to subscribers joining a list via SMS, triggered sends must be used.

Sending a welcome email

Take these steps to configure an SMS campaign to send a "Welcome Email" to subscribers as they sign up:

1. Go to InteractionsTriggered Emails.
2. Create a new triggered email.
3. Select the Welcome Email you want to send as the Email.
4. Select the list the Subscribers that should be added.
5. Enter the keyword for the SMS message in the keyword field.
6. Save the triggered definition.
7. Go to InteractionsSMS  | MO Keywords.
8. Select the SMS Keyword being used.
9. Change the Type to "Send e-mail to user."
10. Select the Triggered Send Definition Customer key that was set up for this welcome email.
11. Save.

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