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Best practices for importing contacts into MobilePush

Knowledge Article Number 000229830
Consider these best practices before you import your Contacts into MobilePush. 

Importing MobilePush Contacts


  • Activity in Automation Studio allows users to import a Data Extension into Contacts in MobilePush. 
  • The best practice is to use the SDK to add Contacts into MobilePush on a day-to-day basis, as this ensures the latest and greatest information is populated.
  • You would use Imports if clients are integrating with already existing mobile applications, or need to import existing push subscriber data information. 


Requires Subscriber Key and Sendable DE 


  • The Import doesn't allow Users to set the opt-out status of a device. However, you can change the Marketer Status by mapping to the "_Status" field (either Active or Inactive). This is an override. 
  • All records imported will be treated as opted-in.
  • To avoid recording opt-ins incorrectly, pre-filter any opt-outs via a Query before running the Import MobilePush Contacts activity. 


Considerations for using Import Activity 


  • Where possible, allow the SDK integration to register devices and update Attributes vs. Imports
  • When updating existing Contact records via an Import beware of data mismatches. 
  • Data needs to be aligned with what's current in Contacts. 

-Current Record is SubscriberKey = 1, DeviceID = 1, System Token = 2 / Import Record is SubscriberKey = 1, DeviceID = 1, System Token = 1.
-This would result in the record having an incorrect system Token and will be not be sendable and causes many issues. NEVER import records with invalid system tokens! As they cannot receive Push messages. 

  • Device data used as the basis for imports should be pulled from MobilePush via a query + extract to ensure information is correct. 

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