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Marketing Cloud Sends delivered to Gmail Spam folder

Knowledge Article Number 000229842
This is related to content and not reputation. Gmail uses a combination of subscriber engagement, the address book, and content heuristics to determine if an email is Spam. There's no "unblock" type approach that can be used as with other domains. 

Contacting Gmail: Gmail has a Bulk Sender Contact Form, and on this form you can insert the effected domains, and 2 .txt files of sample emails. Generally, the response will state that they rely on Users to identify Spam for them and that if enough people have marked your mail as such, they can't fix this. 

How can I direct emails to the Inbox? 

Typically, issues at Gmail resolve over time. Once the complaints die down your mail should go back to the Inbox. In the meantime, we recommend considering employing an address book strategy. Contact your subscribers and request they add you to their address books. At Gmail, even if the client’s mail is going to bulk in general, subscribers who have placed the client’s From Address in their address book will receive the mail in their Inbox. 

We have a lot of clients who add this as a call to action in their email header. Usually looks something like this: "Please add us to your Safe Senders List, learn how here." 

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