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Add another Dedicated IP address for Marketing Cloud Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000229864
Learn how to decide if an Account should have multiple IP addresses or if each business unit should have their own IP address. 

How to decide when to add a new IP

There are two main reasons an account would need additional IP(s):

Segmentation - If you're sending over 100,000 Marketing emails and 100,000 Transactional emails over the course of a month (or if you have two BUs that are sending more than 100,000 a month) this would be a good reason for a client to purchase an additional IP.
Volume - If a client is sending more than 3,000,000 emails per day, this is volume that constitutes additional IPs.  A single IP can support roughly 3,000,000 sends per day if the send volume is consistent.

Ready to add another Dedicated IP?  Please reach out to your Account Executive directly for more information and next steps. 

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