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Packaging and AppExchange considerations for Government Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000229872
Description When the development and subscriber organizations are both hosted on instances inside the Government Cloud (or both hosted on a standard Salesforce instance), publishing and installation of both managed and unmanaged packages works as documented.

When either organization is located outside of the Salesforce Government Cloud, then additional considerations apply.
Resolution 1. Development organization is outside Government Cloud, and subscriber organization is inside Government Cloud.
In this case, the development organization must not be deleted (ie, must still exist).

2. Development organization is inside Government Cloud and subscriber org is outside Government Cloud.
In this case, neither managed nor unmanaged packages may be installed in the subscriber org outside Government Cloud.

The following chart summarizes package availability with respect to Government Cloud:
  Managed packageUnmanaged Package
  Development OrganizationDevelopment Organization
  In Gov CloudOutside Gov CloudIn Gov CloudOutside Gov Cloud
Subscriber Org
In Gov CloudSupported


Outside Gov CloudNot SupportedSupportedNot SupportedSupported

NOTE: An additional requirement when installing packages into a Government Cloud is that the development organization may not be deleted.

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