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Marketing Cloud MobilePush Send errors with no messges received by iOS devices

Knowledge Article Number 000229877
If an error is received stating the MobilePush messages are not being received on all iOS devices, it can be caused by one of two reasons, outlined below. 

Certification Mismatch by Environment

The developer certification is registered when it should be the production certification that's registered. A developer certification for iOS is only used if the end user is testing a phone device that's plugged into their computer.  The production certification is used for every other use of testing and developing MobilePush for iOS.


App BundleID Does Not Match

The BundleID is the unique ID for their application for iOS. The BundleID name in the certificate has to match the BundleID name in the Marketing Cloud App Center. Each iOS application on the Apple App Store has to have a unique name. The App BundleID is under the APNS Certification name (Example: com.exacttarget.internal.PublicDemo). If the App BundleID doesn't match in Marketing Cloud App Center compared to what they have in their application, they will receive this error.

Resolve the issue

Validate that the production mobile app certificate is being used and not the developer version of the mobile app certificate, and make sure the BundleID name for the certificate matches the BundleID name in the Marketing Cloud App Center.

Quick Tip: Review our helpful references for provisioning iOS application and setting up mobile applications in the Marketing Cloud App Center. 

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