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Missing Library Actions to share or move to another library

Knowledge Article Number 000229881
Description The Library actions; Share with Another Library and Move to Another Library selections are not available as options.

These option only appears if a user is an author or Library Administrator of multiple libraries. If the user is a member of only one library they will not have these options.

These options are also not available if the user is a viewer on multiple libraries but only an Author in one Library.

In addition, you may not see library actions if the Content you are viewing is actually a Chatter File (uploaded via the Files tab).

Please see Viewing and Editing Libraries for more information on Library permissions.

Resolution 1. Make sure that the user have the correct library permission.
2. Make sure that you are an Author of more than 1 library.

If the user meets the criteria above and no library actions are available and the Publish to Library... button is also not available, the Content may have been uploaded as a Chatter File. If you desire to share Chatter Files to libraries and Administrator can enable the Files user interface allows sharing files with libraries setting found by navigating to Setup, Customize | Salesforce Files | Settings | Salesforce CRM Content.

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