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Login tips and considerations for the Salesforce Government Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000229902
Description Because of additional security features in the Salesforce Government Cloud, users in that environment may not login via the standard domains or

This restriction applies to users logging in to the Salesforce user interface with a web browser or Salesforce1, and also via API connections, such used by third-party integrations and the Apex Data Loader.

Instead, users must login via their organization's My Domain or, where supported by their My Domain configuration, the instance-specific URL.

Login URL TypeSupported in Government Cloud?
General Salesforce login URL

Not Supported
Instance-specific URL
e.g. or

Sometimes Supported* 
MyDomain URL

Always Supported
*Support for the instance-specific URL depends upon the MyDomain login restrictions selected by your salesforce administrator.

NOTE: Because and are not supported for logging in to Government Cloud, password reset requests submitted through either of these sites do not work for Government Cloud users.

To request a password reset for a Government Cloud user login, please use the password reset function from one of the supported types of Gov Cloud login URLs listed above, or log a case with Salesforce Support.

Resolution 1. Login via the organization-specific My Domain URL.

If your Salesforce organization in the Government Cloud is configured with a My Domain, then your login URL looks like this:


Example: if your organization's system administrator had selected "government" as the My Domain, then your login URL would be:

2. Login via the instance-specific URL.

If your system administrator has configured your My Domain settings to permit it, users may also be able to login using the instance-specific URL, which is formatted like this for a production instance:

...where XX is the number of your salesforce instance, such as NA55 or NA1.

For sandboxes, the login URL is formatted like:

Likewise, XX is a placeholder for the actual number of your sandbox instance, such as CS35 or CS90.


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