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Restrict User from adding Member to the Inactive Campaign

Knowledge Article Number 000229907
Description In some organization due to large number of Campaigns being run users can incorrectly add member to inactive campaigns. How can this be prevented?
Resolution This is a Validation Rule Use case. A validation rule can be created to check if campaign is active.

If the campaign is not active then the system will throw an error and will not allow members to be added.

Follow the below mentioned steps to achieve the requirement:

1. Click on Setup >> Customize >> Campaign >> Campaign Members >> Validation Rules
2. Click on 'New' button
3. Enter the Rule Name. E.g., Inactive Campaign Member addition
4. Ensure that Active Check box is checked
5. Enter the following formula in the Error Condition Formula section - NOT(Campaign.IsActive)
6. Enter Error Message. E.g., This campaign is inactive and you cannot add members to it
7. Select Error Location
8. Save

To test this create a sample Campaign record and make it inactive. Then try adding member to it and you will get the error message preventing you from adding member to inactive campaign.

For more information refer to the following link:

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