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Unable to reply to an older social post using Social Customer Service

Knowledge Article Number 000229908
There are multiple social posts associated with a case, but you can only reply to the last post. There isn't an option for replying to older posts.
You have two options for replying to social posts that are not the most recent social post associated with your case:
  • If it is enabled in your organization, click Reply next to the post in the Social Post related list on the case. Click Show more if your list is long and the post isn't showing. If it is not enabled, you will only see "Reply to last post" as an option.
  • Enable Chatter Feed Tracking for All Related Objects so that all of the social posts associated with your case appear in the case's Chatter feed. Once Chatter Feed Tracking is enabled, scroll through the Chatter feed on the case to the post that you want to reply to and click Reply. See Set up Social Customer Service for  more information on enabling Feed Tracking.

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