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Data Integration pre-migration and post-migration best practices when migrating to Government Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000229909
Description This article describes the pre and post-migration best practices for managing data integrations during a migration to the Salesforce Government Cloud.

Pre-migration Best Practices

Prior to a migration to the Salesforce Government Cloud, it is advisable to review and perform the following four steps to ensure your integration will be able to connect to your organization inside the Government Cloud.

1. Update the server endpoint URL in your WSDL to point to your organization's My Domain, rather than to or (for sandboxes).
2. Ensure that your integration is compatible with the TLS versions supported by the Salesforce Government Cloud.
For a complete list of supported TLS Versions, please see: Supported TLS Versions for Government Cloud

3. Test all integrations in Government Cloud prior to migration:
It is possible to test your integrations with Government Cloud prior to migration to ensure that your integrations will work there. To request a test environment in Government Cloud, reach out to your account executive or success manager. This should be completed more than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled migration.

4. Suspend integrations immediately prior to migration.
It is a best practice to suspend your integrations immediately prior to (around 1 hour before) the start of your migration. 

Post-migration Best Practices

After the migration completes and the organization is returned to your control, the following are the recommended steps to be taken to resume your integration.

1. If you control your DNS timeout values, then you will need to refresh the DNS cache used by your integration.

2. Restart each of your data integrations.

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