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URL no longer exists error when record is deleted

Knowledge Article Number 000229983
Description When deleting a custom object record by accessing it from the related list of the parent record, we are getting the error as: "URL No longer exist"

Steps to Reproduce this are:
1. Open a custom object record from the related list of the parent record.
2. Click on Delete and you will be presented with the "URL No Longer Exists" error message. You can see that the record is actually deleted.
Resolution This happens if there is no custom Tab defined for the object.

The default behaviour of the standard 'Delete' button is to redirect to the home page of the object upon record delete. If there's no Tab defined for the object it'll redirect to the "URL No Longer Exists" page.
To resolve this issue you can create a custom tab for the object. If you do not want to expose the tab of the custom object to users, then create the tab and make it hidden for all profile. Other option would be to override the standard delete button and redirect it to home page upon delete action.

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