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Received a 403 error when scheduling a MobileConnect Send

Knowledge Article Number 000230047
You can click through the User Interface and create a MobileConnect message without a problem, however, you receive a 403 error at the Recurring Schedule step. This could mean that you need to check permissions.

Note: If you have the Content Editor/Publisher Role, you won't be able to set a recurring schedule for Outbound MobileConnect Sends. 

Check Permissions

Have a System Administrator check that the User has one of the following Roles
  • Marketing Cloud Administrator
  • Marketing Cloud Channel Manager
  • A Custom Role.

The User must have the "Marketing Cloud Channel Manager" Role, or higher (Marketing Cloud Administrator) to be able to bypass this error. For example, if the User has "Marketing Cloud Administrator" and "Marketing Cloud Channel Manager," they'll have as much access as the lower permission allows. 

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