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Enable a New Promoted Only Tweet

Knowledge Article Number 000230078

You'll need to be granted this level of access within Twitter. If you don't have the proper access, an Account Administrator will need to provide you with the User permission, as you cannot grant permissions to yourself. Once completed, simply sync the Ad Account in Advertising Studio. Learn how below. 


Assign the permission

Note: If you don't already, add a second Twitter User with Account Admin permissions. If you already have another User with Account Admin permissions, skip to step 2.

1. Create a second user with Account Admin permissions within Twitter. 
2. Log into Twitter Ads as the second Account Admin, and then go to Edit Access to Account.
3. Give the original user (yourself) "Promoted Only Tweet" Permission.  
4. Click Save.

Sync the Twitter Ad Account 


1. Click Administration.
2. Click Twitter.
3. Click on the Account ID Hyperlink.
4. Click the Synchronize button.
5. Click Synchronize Now.

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