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How do I update Account/Opportunity/Lead page layouts in Lightning Experience?

Knowledge Article Number 000230082
Description When viewing a record in the Lightning Experience environment, there is no way to edit the page layout directly from the record at this time.
Resolution Instead, admins should click on the Setup Icon and then find the Object Manager:

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For example, here, the admin clicked on Object Manager in the Setup Tree, and then Accounts and Page Layouts.

From there, the familiar Page Layout Editor can be accessed. The Account details can be edited using the familiar editor below.


Adding specifics on what to click on. For example on Account Layout:


1. Go to Setup | Setup Home | Objects and Fields | Object Manager 

2. Click on Account | Page Layouts | go to your specific Account Layout (view will be the same as in Classic View)

3. Make the necessary adjustments then Save

Related lists and other details can also be modified:

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To summarize - Record Detail page layouts will continue to modify the same with Lightning Experience as they are with Aloha Classic, using the Page Layout Editor.

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