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How Does the Case "Closed When Created" Field Work?

Knowledge Article Number 000230090
Description Based on existing documentation, it is expected that the standard Case.IsClosedOnCreate (aka "Closed When Created") field will only reflect a value of TRUE when Date/Time Closed = Date/Time Opened.  In fact, this is not always the case.

When an organization is reporting on Case.IsClosedOnCreate, it is important to note that "closed during creation" does not necessarily mean that Date/Time Closed will precisely equal Date/Time Opened.  While a user can create a Case and immediately indicate the intention to set that flag (with the Save & Close button), both the flag and the DateClosed value are not literally written until the Case record is saved in a Closed State.

Our system allows for multiple ways to create Case records and anything that strays from its original, standard intent may lead to discrepant behavior of the IsClosedOnCreate flag with regards to
Date/Time Closed and Date/Time Opened values.
Resolution If there is a business that considers "Closed When Created" to be constrained precisely to DateOpened = DateClosed, it is recommended that a custom formula field be created and referenced in reports instead of the standard field.

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