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Description Why is #first_name no longer working?
Resolution Salesforce's Winter '16 release includes the latest version of feedback and performance summaries.  With the release you gained a handful of new features, but due to technical reasons #first_name is no longer supported.  If you are in the middle of a performance cycle and need to update questions to remove references of #first_name please follow these steps.

1. Go to the Performance Cycles tab and select your performance cycle.

2. Copy the id of the performance cycle from your web browser's location bar.  As an example, your web browser's location bar may display something like this:

The Id of the performance cycle would be 0W7B00000001fQ8

1. Login to Workbench as an Admin using your Salesforce credentials

2. Select Production from the Environment picklist, 34.0 from the API Version picklist, agree to the terms and click the Login with Salesforce button.

3. Select data | Update from the top menu.

4. For the Object Type picklist select WorkPerformanceCycle

5. Paste the performance cycle Id in the text box

6. Click Next

7. Change the State field from InProgress to Setup

8. Click Confirm Update

9. Go back into Salesforce and edit all the questions that contain #first_name

10. Repeat steps 1-6

11. Change the State field from Setup to InProgress

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