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Marketing Cloud REST API Authentication Tokens Expiring before 60 Minutes

Knowledge Article Number 000230262
For Fuel/REST API, access tokens expire one hour after they are issued. If you attempt to use an expired token, you'll receive a "401 Unauthorized HTTP" response. When this happens, you'll need to refresh the access token.

You shouldn't request a new token for every API call made, as each token is good for an hour and should be reused. Making two API calls for every one operation is inefficient and may result in throttling.

Token expires in less than 60 minutes

If the REST Authentication Token obtained with a Client ID/Client Secret expired in less than 60 minutes, or almost immediately, the issue is typically a problem with multiple servers requesting tokens with the same client id/client secret, from different IP addresses.

Each time one server requests a token, the other server's token is invalidated. The Fuel SDKs only request tokens when an app first starts and when the token is within 5 minutes of expiring. They will fail if the token is invalidated for any other reason, including another server obtaining a token.

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