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Is it possible to unblock IP address in Live Agent after a specific number of days

Knowledge Article Number 000230263
Description How can Live Agent Blocking rule be unblocked after specific number of days?
Resolution The solution involves using custom object, Process builder and flow in conjunction. Follow these steps to achieve the requirement

Create IP Unblock Object
  1. Create an object in your org and let’s name it ‘IP Unblock’
  2. Create a field in it called Block and default value unchecked
Creating the auto launched flow
  1. Create a flow with the element "Record Update"
  2. Give a name as "StartUnblocking"
  3. In the update drop down choose "LiveChatBlockingRule"
  4. In the field choose Developer name equals "Give the blocking rule developer name here". You can find it easily by going to LiveChatBlockingRules
  5. In the update records section
    Choose From IPAddress as
    To IPAddress as

    Its an auto launched flow so just save it and don't run it as it will immediately unblock
    Set it as starting element
  6. Remember to activate the flow
Creating Process in Process builder
  1. Choose the object IP Unblock created in Step 1 and when a record is created
  2. Click Advanced "Choose recursion" as YES
  3. Criteria set condition are met
    Choose the field Block equals TRUE
  4. Choose Scheduled action "30 days from now" (just an example)
    Add Action as Create a record
  5. Give it Action name of your choice
  6. Choose Record >> IP Unblock
    Give the record name some value or if you have made it auto number no need
    Block Boolean FALSE
    In the false branching Add criteria
    Block equals FALSE
  7. Then in immediate action Choose Launch a Flow and select the flow "StartUnblocking" that you created in step 2

    Activate the process
Setting the process in action
Now create a record in IP unblock object with Block field as Checked. This is the only manual step needed.

This new record will trigger process builder and then as scheduled action (30 days from now) another new record will be created with ‘Block’ Field Unchecked

This 2nd new record will launch your Unblock flow and thereby the IP ranges will be set from to in 30 days after you created the first record.

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