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Why is Live Agent Assigned count not equal to sum of engaged and declined request?

Knowledge Article Number 000230265
Description This article explains why Live Agent assigned count does not equal to engaged and declined count in Live Agent Session report.
Resolution Following are the description for each of these numbers
1. Chat Requests Assigned - Number of chat requests assigned to an agent.
2. Chat Requests Declined (Manually) - Number of chat requests declined manually by an agent.
3. Chat Requests Declined (Push Timeout) - Number of chat requests that timed out while assigned to an agent.
4. Chat Requests Engaged - Number of chats in which an agent was engaged during the session.
As you can notice, there is no mention about Chat request being closed by the customer even before a rep engages with the chat. So these requests neither get declined manually nor pushed timeout. Customer abandons the chat.
If you see any missing number those are the ones where customer left the chat.

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